Where Is Grace?

Posted by Mandy L. Gero on

Where is Grace?
In you, in me, in everybody..
Is this too much believe?
I dare you to Keep Beholding...
A Kind Word,
A Smile,
Silence and Waiting with someone,
Laughter over our self,
Holding a hand,
Sharing sorrow and heartache,
a sunrise and setting,
rain clouds and storms,
a kiss,
having a tissue or sleeve,
our first breath,
our last blink,
sharing tears and years,
holding a door,
cleaning the floor,
planting life,
blessing waters,
giving birth,
seeing their head down,
knowing the burden,
being without words,
blessing with words,
healing deeply,
loving among pains of this life...
Abiding Perspectives is my blessing to each of you,
Because by Grace we Share So Much!
May you find Ceaseless Grace in your life,
Each day with each breath in every way...
Mandy L Gero, Sacred Artist 
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