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Greetings friends,

This February we will be sharing Reverence, a word so rarely used or expressed, a Newness Practice that illuminates life all around and deep within us...the mysterious presence of holiness that embraces us so willingly and wildly...what do we reverence?  Reverence is deeper than respect but similarly disguised like the word grace is to its incomprehensibility.  

How do we express the depths of our wild embrace of ceaseless grace?

"Ceaseless Grace" is the Inking featured here for the Word this month, let us consider...Wisdom's glowing oranges and reds within a steadfastness when colliding with mighty winds of perfect love so profoundly cloaked in bright blue and purple hues marvelously creating new thresholds of attentive wonders... this is how sacred art expresses the presence of reverence in our lives...a wonderful and incomprehensible magnitude is what these Words embodied manifest in our lives...we share this brilliantly when we love...

When we love we reverence life and share grace in the most profound ways...in the embrace of another's brokenness that illumines ours, the kindred feeling that haunts a place where friends care for one another, the welcoming feeling that swells into the eyes of a parent holding another child, the heart that gives way to eternity upon a final breathe...the tears and laughter we tenderly share in one another lives...the knowing and Unknown Glory that keeps our light blazing, the deepest night of shattering revelations...the Constancy of Love...the reality of new mercies that remain...the tide of our Life...swelling...

Our Blessing...

"May reverence awaken again,

the mystery within,

thrusting incomprehensible grace forth,

from the midst of our wild embrace,

face to face is humanity's space,

May we abide in every place,

As light that banishes hate,

For Love resides unhidden,

In the lives we have been Given..."

~Mandy L. Gero

Enjoy this month and the daily blogs here at Abiding Perspectives...

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  • Holy WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is wonderful and took me to the depths! My cells are vibrating with JOY! My face is beaming like the bright and shining SON!!! It is my HOPE that everyone who reads this will read it out LOUD as I did with you, dear friend! What a way to begin my day! Thank you for the blessing of you! :) BOOKS BOOKS AND MORE BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The library AND gallery awaits you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Donna Godwin on

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