Understanding...Sharing Life Together

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Grace and Peace as we continue Sharing the Word, "Life" this month...As I write this today, it is a snowy Spring day in this hemisphere of our loved Earth...full of flakes upon winds and grounds that are awakening to Life from winter's grip...still this blanket comes to cover us in a chilled glance of transparent grace...Understanding lights our way in life together, like the seasons dancing their opening and close as one succinct glory. There is balance in each season of our Life to this we lend an ear to heavenly whispers of understanding.  Like seeing the dawn and dusk light of the sun before this light brilliantly displays color upon our faces...like the moments when fog rolls gently along our grounds...the veils of moisture consuming the air before a thunderous rain...can we feel Life on this Earth a moment longer...the whisper of understanding leads gently blessing...

Sharing life together takes the patience of Understanding to the greatest heights...the deepest trenches...of our hearts...our life...together.  Understanding is an unsearchable Gift of The Spirit, a place to mine for treasure...the finding of Love...the extravagances of mercies anew...in the friend who calls in that out of the blue moment of our need...the prayer that is unceasing in the heavenly realms...in the loving eyes that softly abide upon us...in the hands that heal us with compassion...in the words that raise our brokenness whole...in the silence as we are consumed in grief...in the smile that cannot contain contagious laughter...in the baby whose life has come forth unto us...together, we share understanding that is Life in all of our moments...can you imagine the uncountable "in the's"... that we embrace, each day, as we share life... together...something like the number of snowflakes flying about on a Spring day...

Somethings we ponder bring so much beauty to light...so much love to light...so much horror to light...so much pain to light...because none of us, though we flee can escape the journey of this life and all that we do is brought to Light...like our face that cannot be hidden behind our hands completely...our blindness to understanding one another is like those hands before our face, hiding our wisdom in fear yet this veil of flesh cannot hide such Light...our tenderness shines forth this Incarnate Love...we were created to share this rare glory together...our humanity has always dwelled deeply upon this earth from glory to glory...magnificently understanding Life.

This Inking, called, "Understanding", was inspired during my sufferings and graceful nights...We are a Light of golden yellow sweetly infused with orangey wisdoms tenderly wrapped in the rose colored blood of our delightfulness, sharing green blooming counsels among magenta lit faces of Joy...may we warm one another with grace and glories that redden our faces with joy because we understand that shame has no space to adorn our humanity...

May our Newness Practice this Month of Life...cherish sharing life together...understanding one another beautifully...tenderly...outrageously adorned in Joy...held and gazed upon Lovingly...for we are a heavenly whisper of Understanding...together.


~Mandy L. Gero, Abiding Perspectives

As this Month of March draws to a close, there will be one more "Life" Blog and then an offering of Sacred Art for Holy Week (the closing days of The Lenten Season and Celebration of Christ's Communion, Death, Rest and Resurrection)...may you blessed with Glories and Grace as we share life together, Bless you!



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