The Garden, Our Path of Peace

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Garden Greetings of Peace,
I have always enjoyed gardens, vast tropical ones to deserts lined with cacti in bloom...In many religious stories and farmers' tales of time, each echoes that life begins in a Garden...February seems like an odd time when you live in the northeastern part of this earth to share the Garden but February is when Abiding Perspectives was brought to life from a vision that I received and a Word that changed my life...amidst studies of intensity my heart gave way to this Community...Sharing a World Blessing One Word at a Time.  I began with a short sharing survey asking two questions that bring a greater vision and in some ways a divine plan for our life...I will feature this in depth in our next blog. For now let's stay In The Garden...
Art is Healing...I created The Garden Exhibition while deeply ill with no answer or diagnosis, my heart was steeped in prayers because our violence is real and so is our peace.  I found myself in a year of intense hours of pouring forth this vision and healing of our path of Peace, The Garden...each inking (what I call my mixed media artworks that contain anointing oils and inks) was a revelation beyond my knowledge to what only I can attribute to God...foolishness teaches us to think we are alone, when we are so gracious dwelling within a Oneness that gathers and scatters like a gardener sowing new mercies.  I have always pondered deeply scriptures and sacred texts that speak to our breath taking Beauty...these Garden Inkings shared their own Words, poems that accompany each one...I learn to listen and receive despite the trial of pain and agonizing despair, to speak in a love that transforms lives and to write of reality that is powerfully "never coincide just abide".  
We pour our heart out in many ways during our lives, our prayers are those wells overflowing on barren grounds...we have beautiful hearts to share and care for as we walk in The Garden...when the pain and sensitivity consumed my body, I longed and belonged to this healing art...asking that we all would feel the lush dense green leaves of plants that share oxygen at the depths of our lungs, that the depressed and crushed would feel the soft blanket of grasses and moss comforting their wounded feet, that a waterfall would surprise those who are searching so desperately for love, that we would see sin means we are seriously in need...still in need of Compassion...the kind that touches and heals us like the Garden, I dare to describe...though this remains the path by which we prescribed. We must tend our way in The Garden...we must live in all that we pray..."Peace"
Peace so greatly defined as our path, our way, our need met, our tending stilled...our definition before Love Divine, the essence of soul, an almighty wind that tenderly blows through our Garden...Speaking of Spirit brings reverence to the heart of Humanity...spiritual beings deeply human are born anew in the garden of life.  When we see our path of peace, we see each other in oneness that gathers grace to share and flourishes among us...because we are uniquely lovely...divinely blessing the earth as our choice to be peace... illuminating the heights of mountains, the depths of valleys, the expanse of the oceans and seas, the boldly unknown glories that adorn our daily lives...peace is profound...peace is outrageously beautiful...peace is our path on earth as it is in heaven...
Peace be with us all as we walk in The Garden tending our paths, creating communities of sharing...encouraging one another to grow...may these blogs bless you as we transform our path of peace...may your faith grow with each breathe deeply...evermore freely...seeing clearly our humanity.
~Mandy L. Gero
(February will be a month dedicated to Sharing Abiding Perspectives)


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