Sharing Our Dignity This May...

Posted by Mandy L. Gero on

"What remains from war,
The kindness that never dwindles,
The spark of joy in our sorrows,
Our heartbeat gathered as one,
Our miseries left undone,
Our home left unshaken,
What remains from love,
The power of mercy's constancy,
The flame of life in our being,
Our presence gathering one,
Our mystery giving love,
Our wonderful sharing light,
Divine is the Dignity,
Kindled at the Depths,
Of Our Humanity..."
Beloved, this month we deepen and settle into the Newness Practice of Our are Worthy and Cherished, Loved and Held, Rejoiced Over and Within, A Joy and Honor to Know...may we consider sharing and encouraging as our eyes open to each other our heartbeat gathers as one...
In Mercy's Constancy,
Mandy L. Gero, Abiding Perspectives
"Gathered" Inking


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