Sharing Kindness, Our Newness This April!

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The Word that many practice and few value...Do you know what I mean?
Kindness is a Our Newness Practice this Month of April...Do we practice kindness already or are we kind people?  These questions and that, do you know what I mean question is our focus to answer and share in new ways this month. New ways like... a kinder glance and stare...a kinder compliment or about a kinder thought toward someone we think harsh thoughts toward or perhaps we can all allow ourselves to deepen our appreciation of kindness...
Kindness is by nature rather spectacular in any given human moment, being that we resist being kind more often then we might realize... that we have the opportunity to practice this gift.  Kindness is the gift that springs from patience and a genuine goodness...goodness helps to heal the scars of our humanity...kindness is balm on the wounds and scars of lives.  This practice can be easy and becomes more and more natural as we are kinder without reason...yet for a spectacular reason...the reality of kindness within us is the healing that we need each day. 
Dawn Arising 
Kindness and kindred are two profound words that when practiced transform our minds and consume our hearts with graces only Heaven can hold...Our Life in Kindness among Kindred is the Dawn Arising in every the face and word of understanding...the living water flooding the earth...the compassion of an embrace...the tender counsel of a stranger...our soul at rest in wisdom...this rising and swirling wonder is how kindness dwells within a you look upon this inking...what do you see amidst our Dawn Arising?  May you hear Kindness...
"Kindness in our despair,
A kind glance,
A kind reminder smile,
The kinder thought to forgive,
The kindness of doors held open,
The waiting kindly,
A quick kind of compliment,
A kind of transformation,
From doubt to kindred..."
May you Be Blessed With Kindness!
~Mandy L. Gero, Abiding Perspectives
Enjoy Our Newness Practice This Month...Share Kindness!


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