Sharing Gentleness Heartfully This July!

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Are We Gentle? 

Greetings this July as we Share and Grow in Gentleness as Our Newness...

Gentle is a candlelight within each of our hearts, tending this flame is crucial to sustaining a healthy community.  Are we gentle? The question that we consider calls us to the wonder of our grace in this world...remembering that whether we answer yes, no or sometimes... our response is only a flicker of the candle that is ever burning. This time of answering serves as a guide to ways of caring for one another Heartfully.  Gentleness is a great light in the depths of our hearts, like the crashing of waves upon a shore of sand...the sounds hidden in gentleness are profound.  This sound creates a rhythm just as each our hearts creates such wonders.  When we lend an ear to truly listen gentleness is the rhythm we desire and experience...from the beginning in the womb our heart creates a sound that can be heard through another body, both hearts have their rhythm...Gently and Profoundly Unique.

How do we listen? How is Hearing?  Do our ears open to listen without judgements and hear without them...when gentleness is our way, we do...find ourselves listening and hearing with mercy and lovingkindness...these resound over the inner violence of judgments and fears...gentleness is the force of peace permeating our life.  When we come to the acceptance that we are not cursed but blessed...our embrace becomes a paradox of strength and much more than our hearing.  Let us gently wrap our minds around the candlelight dwelling in our hearts...


A Newness Practice of Gentleness

Heartful is a healing of hurtful places within our hearts and minds...the candlelight of heart, our gentleness, enlightens our us the courage to heal along the strength that binds us to the Heart of all hearts as one.  Perhaps we let the heaviness of head bow to break the hardness destroying our heart as we begin to restore this world we share.  Each of us carries such wonders that need room in our minds, hearts and in our life...let us carry our candlelight into each space within and behold the wonder as well as clear the room of what judgements that overcome this space...we go further with gentleness to embrace our fears like mercies disguised to be revealed as we heal.  Our actions, thoughts and words need to arise from the candlelight in ambiance so too are we naturally.  The trauma we create and endure must find healing heartfully.  

The meditation and practice of gentleness comes to us bodily enlivening our lives deeply.  We can calm ourselves with gentle hands connecting our head and heart to remember that our goodness is still intact...our transformation abides gracefully...healing our inner violence and ending the perpetual physical violence of our humanity...our gentle hands hold the resounding sound of candlelight revealing our marvelous delight! 

We share our world blessing one Word at a time...

May Ours Be Heartful!

~Mandy L. Gero, Abiding Perspectives

"Sharing A World Blessing One Word at a Time"


"Heartful" Inking



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