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Welcome to Sharing A Word 
This January, we begin with "Contentment"
Contentment is an open space and dwelling among us as well as within in us.  Together we can ponder a deeper meaning to life when we consider how content we may be or not be in our life.  The state of being content is an ascent of willingness on our part...a daring step of faith, a commitment to the sovereign Love of God...a life Lived.
We need more encouragement to share the gems that dwell in our soul.  Contentment is one of those gems, shining within and among us...making room for patience, ushering in kindness by a brisk gentleness....
Like ocean waters caressing the shorelines of heavenly places, where our life expands in trust, defining our dignity, we abide quietly along the shoreline.
Can we see the way we are a gift of presence expanding in trust?
Oceans witness to depths and power, contentment grips like this in our life...
A powerful force that reconciles consumerism useless, a depth that cannot be shaken...just built upon stony shorelines of many nations.  This ascent of willingness is what I express in the Inking that we see featuring our Word for this month.  Like an ocean, contentment can never be controlled. Nor can we be content in control.  The embrace of these waters forever transform each of us in sight, welcoming an unfathomable distance within the contentment of Love.
I created this inking, "Ascending Willingness" in a great deal of pain... the physical,heart wrenching kind that is so familiar to our lives.  I struggled to be "content" with more than just my circumstances during this time.  My prayers deepened as I created, that we would all be willing to be whole and healed, that we would ascend willingly the sufferings that come like storms raging upon our lives.  Facing this storm is always a brave choice... being content within is an outrageously absurd thought but gently becomes the comfort that our Spirit must consume in grace. Being content is a miracle in intense grace to behold...may we behold! May we Love!
The challenge of sharing a Word each month is the practice now becomes the focus of our do we express contentment in our moments, our circumstances, our suffering, our longing, our celebration, our day to day life...?  I shared that art, as well as writing are some of my expressions...
what are yours...?
What expressions do we practice in our lives?
Here is your opportunity to share and introduce yourself this month...
How do you express "Contentment" ?
Let's Share and Enjoy Contentment This January!
I look forward to this new year with all of you, thank you for sharing your love and expressions this month...Join me on the 2nd of February for next Word!
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"May we flow like a flood of contentment upon the shores of each heart in abundance and grace forevermore..."
Share Life!
~Mandy L Gero


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