Sharing A Word This March~Life!

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Blessing abound in the month of March...Life is our Word and Newness Practice this month...You Are Life, all that we are, being alive is meaningful and our life is treasure on earth as well as in the heavens...You Are each breath, sharing life with this wondrous creation...plants and trees, the earth's highest mountains and deepest valley's, a butterflies' flight and the stars of night, the tears of joy and sorrow that blend with rains that befall us, blazing sunshine and blankets of snow, birds and babies that bless...Take a Moment as you read and Celebrate You...Celebrate Life!

Thanks for practicing your newness...we only have to pause for a brief moment to celebrate live honor see awaken Be Life! One moment of Life is worthy of honoring and pausing, praising and celebrating, mourning and grieving, holding and releasing...respecting and reverencing, delighting in and experiencing ever so deeply, gently and most profoundly...You!

This month, we call "March", is for some the letting go of a season while the next awakens, for those of us in Winter's grip, Spring is that drum beat resurrecting life all around us...take a moment to pause and recognize the seasons of the earth...

of our Life...

Here is where we pray, we will continue to Dance this Life with all our soul...just smiling a little longer...opening our heart to expose the magnificent wonder that dwells so extravagantly within us and ever among us...Life beckons Life, Life begets Life, Life loves Life...the dance we dance is more than superficial when we honor Life...when we cherish Our Life...We Dance upon the Crystal Sea...

Sharing this Inking (Crystal Sea) featuring "Life" is one of my first creations as an artist and deep within each swirling ring of color is the memory and life of a world full of gracious faces that I have had the honor to experience...the family of humanity that shares their joyous smiles, laughter ever holy, shock and denial, sorrow and devastation, fears and dreams, mass graves and risen souls, new mercies and ancient graces, glorious light and dark nights, peace and powerful hugs, promises and partings, celebrations and meals, songs and sounds of many voices...all Loved and Known...there upon the Crystal Sea...where angels are blessing...our presence welcoming...The Spirit...Life...Alive...Love...Divine...

Our reality is beauty being revealed and held so dear, as we learn and practice the newness of Life in each moment...we recover the vision of our Beauty, while casting down the vanities that plague our thoughts, we no longer idolize with jealous eyes...we see compassionately...experiencing life throughout our journey...we are the face of Life being kissed, the face of Life being consoled, the face of Life beheld...Beholding our Sacredness, our Blessedness...Our Life!


"Let us see,

 Let us be,

Let us celebrate,

Let us embrace,

Let us dance,

Upon the Crystal Sea,

Evermore Gloriously,


Beckons us,

to Live Lovingly..."


~Mandy L. Gero, Abiding Perspectives

Enjoy Life, beloved!



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