Sacred Sight

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Sacred Sight
A beauty to behold
In one month from today I leave 39 years behind...
Who ever dreamed a life so rich and full of gut wrenching times could bring forth such love with much more to come forth and release. I have seen and experienced joy and suffering beyond measure, been released from trauma to heal and from fear to love.  I have had the honor to meet so many beautiful people in thirty nine years, people who helped me to grow Sacred Sight.  This ever discerning heart, a mind wrought with prayers and questions, a spirit consumed by mercy and grace...a teacher of the way of Peace Unutterable. 
I am grateful and ever unfolding, releasing a fragrance of life and Mercy.  Wisdom has come like an eternal flame of refinement burning deep within and so far beyond my being.  I became an artist listening, literally in the depths of pain and diagnoses...which range from fibro to tumors...while baring this beauty that you can behold. My journey has always brought my prayers to be that of healing and mercy, prophecies of life and mercy transforming and flowing in anointing oils as I co-create in color and spirit, calling on the Holy Spirit to Heal and Bless, to Come Forth...Drops like the dew fall of Spirit in Colors fractioned from Light...Drops of orange Wisdom touching oils of yellow Understanding, held the garments that cloak the earth with Counsel and Might these garments flowing green and blue unfolding like tender leaves, red streams of Life's Prophecies flooding and unite flourishing in forgiveness, pink and magentas proclaim Compassions received all the while indigo and violets rest in diamonds of Healing and Wholeness...holiness within our midst.  We are the sharing and the blessing, a beauty to behold.  An honor to know and cherish are we...
This month I would like to celebrate Life with you, will join me? 
Share your Smile...
How is your Sacred Sight?
Know Someone's Beauty Everyday
My prayer is that we will See one another unique and lovely,
well and encouraged,
enduring and resilient,
comforted and healed,
held and embraced,
fruitful and rested,
silent and understood,
speaking and transforming,
at Peace.
Thank you, Beautiful!
Be Blessed as I share the Sacred this month!


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