Sacred One

Sacred One
One of Love,
One of Mercy,
One Word,
One Wisdom,
One Blessing,
One Smile,
One Glance,
One Breath,
One Sorrow,
One Joy,
One Grace,
One Hand,
One Hope,
One Compassion,
One Memory,
One Moment,
One Time,
One Life,
Sacred One...
Let us consider cherishing and honoring our life as Sacred for we holy one.
I write this simply for us to ponder together the greatness that we know is Divine,
Living On Evermore,
Deep Inside...
As I write and pack for a journey to Celebrate Life with my beloved, 
My prayers arise for us to Come to One Peace,
One Gratefulness, One More Mercy...
After 39 years and so very deep healing,
I believe we must Celebrate Life!
Bless you, Sacred Ones 

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