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Not easily defined but deeply understood is the Sacred within you and me.  We are human and holy, a resounding being of Unique Healing Love.  I believe that Life is worthy of celebrating because Life is Sacred.  

Do you?

When I celebrate Life, there are words and deep silences in solitude, cherishing conversations and tears face to face, whispers wrapped in the arms of my beloved, eating, laughing, mourning, sitting and dancing...encouraging and traveling, healing and being healed, waiting and surprising, giving generously and receiving gracefully, praying and creating, holding space and speaking truth, walking with and being embraced...Our Life is Sacred.

How do you Celebrate Life?

When we honor life in one another, suffering is blessed and our mess is filled with grace...patience is multiplied when we cease to divide our existence from our humanity.  We divide and destroy with thoughts that perpetuate violence and lack mercy, fail to understand or care how we find paths of peace with one another.  I find paths of peace in religions and transformations that far exceed dogmas and doctrines because religion is The Divine in our Lives...

How patient are you?

When we find ourselves in blessedness and relationship we can see beyond ourselves while knowing ourselves much religion and spiritual practices we call this the Golden Rule...that means we are valuable and priceless...worthy of Honor, Respect and the very least a smile...we really can smile more often with one another sharing a Golden Moment and Presence...This Understanding is Sacred and written in Sacred Texts like the Light in our hearts and the Love of our words...The Mercy and Humility of our thoughts...

Can you see how Golden we are?

Sacred is a pause practiced, a wound mended, a compassionate stare, merciful words spoken, encouraging support and understanding that humbles, knowing forgiveness and being the forgiver...these are ways of peace we practice.

Our way of peace is Sacred and yet we consistently perpetuate violence...

We have a Choice to commit Peace instead of our inner violence...

Will you Choose your Peace?

Can we see the Golden Sacredness?

My prayer is that you will take up the Path of Peace and #EndYourInnerViolence.  Share your Golden Sacredness on social media with this hashtag...Peace Is Yours.


Bless you and keep journeying with me as we discover The Sacred and grow in Grace before 40 arrives!

Celebrate Life!







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