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Words are Spoken, our thoughts captured and given, whether in kindness or violence these take sound all around us. As we practiced Reverence as a newness this month, can we hear a Refreshing Whisper...Can we be the Refreshing we so desperately need...the honor we desire...?

I know as well as each of you, that we are quite refreshing when we live reverently among ourselves...there is plague of defiance that settles so heavily within humanity when we cannot see reverently let alone speak with reverence...this disguise of our pride and lack of conviction to love one another genuinely, is abruptly present throughout our history.  A conviction to love another is a genuine sacrifice of mercy to serve instead of trust at an immeasurable depth the dignity of each one walking this earth...not just the one we see and know, fear and blame, but our self within and among each person on this earth, among the Heavens, in the womb and the grave...we live deeply because we are born of dignity not shame, of honesty not blame, of peace not violence...of honor not arrogance...of grace not apathy...though there is suffering and pain we are made to our thoughts, in our sound, in our being reverently among each other in this blessed creation we call home...

Our refreshing Whisper is a Home for our life...sharing this Earth...A Whisper of Silence amidst the refrain of shock as grief befalls our hearts flooding our path with tears so powerful that the Heavens shake...this ache and joy in veils that seek to remain in our defensiveness but arise to reveal our tenderness...The whispers of Silence in our sacred pausing to understand instead continuously demanding the ignorance of pride...The Whisper that awakens our gaze from the haze of self-condemnation and harsh projection...shattering instead of restoring...the glories that define our humanity...The refreshing whisper of our Life will always abide in reverence as we restore...restore our reality to more than what we can build, what we know, what we so sorrowfully let go of along our way...Reverence restores the Whisper of Peace in the midst of our inner-violence...The Whisper of Mercy that builds our Home... that Home we can no longer consume or decimate...for our trust has become the awakened state of vividness...our sight... ourselves ever freely...utterly...eternally...Lovely...Seen.

How "Refreshing Whispers"...Come Comfort One Another Creatively...

Blue Mercies holding spaces and flowing freely through our life...pooling in the peace of our minds...nourishing the nature of greening growth, intensified by the many joys and sorrows that are shared as we are cared for and care so freely for one another...whispering winds of reverence blowing through souls refreshing and delighting in our Being...Life gently and profoundly loving so deeply...dear ones...

"Refreshing Whispers" Inking, was created along with The Wellness Collection and the commitment to live our Abiding continue Sharing our world blessing one word at a we rest in our Newness Practice of Reverence and end this month in Celebration of five years of here at AP, let us awaken Life and give way as Reverence Speaks Refreshing Whispers upon on our Path...Let us be Refreshing...

~Mandy L Gero,

Abiding Perspectives 5th Anniversary is February 26th!

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