Releasing Dignity

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"The Firmament" Inking
"Releasing Dignity,
Despite the despair,
The harsh reality of distance,
Heavens open dawning nearer,
Each human life that endures,
Beyond the veils of our body,
These glories abide,
One, A Love Undone..."
I spent the month of May steeped in the newness practice of Dignity, which unfolded in a ways that remain fresh this month of June.  So consuming this wonderful gift that writing was left to silence and much deeper pondering...
Dignity is not defined by what is stripped away,
When did dignity become for us the illusion of clothes and possessions,
Just something stripped away or freely thrown from ourselves?
Dignity is defined by the renown of Divinity that dwells within our humanity,
Dwelling within and into our lives,
 This gloriously sudden presence that appears from our face,
Like a newborn smiling and the eyes of one who is dying,
Our Dignity is divine,
Not a matter of stature and place,
Just the beauty of our presence,
Beyond the disgrace and disease,
There in dwells dignity,
Not robbed and destroyed as some say,
Just disguised from us,
By the judgement we render,
In our blindness seeking still more power,
This causes us to glare and stare,
Instead of our pause for care,
As our humanity lay awaiting,
Like the heavens and earth,
Releasing Dignity ever divine,
In the firmament of our time...
~Mandy L. Gero, Abiding Perspectives


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