Peace Our Newness Practice

Peace Our Newness Practice

Is our Presence...One of Peace?  Only we can answer this for ourselves...

Only ourselves to know the depths of the deepest collective prayer of all time...


When was the last time you had a moment of peace?  A day of Peace?

For must of us Peace becomes an after thought or reminder from one who practices this presence in their humanity or perhaps this Peace is ours in hiding...nestled into the depths of our being awaiting the delight to share...

Perhaps our humanity is Peace and our own inner violence is what we prefer to practice or have even chosen to make our lifestyle...listen to your own self talk, your own thoughts, your own words, your own actions...what is your chosen way...?  May this way be Peace...Delightfully!

I ask a lot of questions out of my love for learning and listening, this month our Newness Practice is Peace...for ten months we have been growing more graces than ever in our Newness Practices, my prayer is that yours have been fruitful and delightful to you!  During this great journey of ours I have shared of not just the joy but the immense struggles our lives hold presence within...peacefully...then there are times when answers have to be Received...may we receive Peace, Ask for Peace...Practice Peace...

As this month dawned, a dear friend left us for her Heavenly Embrace, today we cherish her life celebration, Beloved Sr. Rene, an encourager now smiling in Glory...I have learned through her grace how to smile more often and share the richness of Greater Love, may her heavenly prayers bless our newness this month as she rests in Peace. Hold the Franciscan Community in Your Peace and Prayers dear friends as Heavenly Comforts cherish them.

Our Lives hold so very much that is shared at any given moment, may ours be a greater sharing of know the gift of Our Presence is a Splendid Grace...thank you for yours!

Enjoy Your Peace this Month in Your Every Breath, In Every Way You Can Possibly Delight!

"Splendid Graces" Inking

~Mandy L Gero, Abiding Perspectives




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