"Our Life Transposed"

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Greetings and grace be yours as we continue sharing "Life", our newness practice this month...Our Life Transposed.  A past tense of change yet changing still is our life, transposing graces and glories from the love that surpasses our existence is utterly our resilience.  This life transposed is brilliant and weak, incredible and still, favorably written in the text of being,  as a story that testifies to the Host of The Heavens...the face to face reality of our time removes the veils that disguise our life...when we are confronted, comforted, concerned and caring...when we just let go and live...is where our transposed life comes forth...

Our Life transposed is a new song because we share a deeper understanding, an understanding that we choose to be kind and to forgive, to show mercy as our strength...challenge the violence within... with our peace...to be the refreshing waters that cleanse a wound...the balm that caresses a scar to bring deeper healing to our humanity...there is a stinging and aching that we endure to see more than one transposed life.  An ache that is eternally comforted in the scars that wars we wage have engaged us for all too long...an ache that wants less power and more peace... the ultimate dignity of our life... Our Peace.  Then there remains the stinging course of our dejection, that harsh rejection of our being human...how we refuse to be face to face by our arrogance and pride, control and manipulation, lies and fears and those binding thoughts that steal our life like gun at point blank measure is the deranging actions of this brutal denial of life.  We have a choice to be transposed...

Transposed by seeing our reflection in Love Divine, to see that our love is known to the depths because we no longer fear one another but truly in a veil of knowledge share nothing but life for one another...this transposed life is more than words, though the way we address one another with words steeped in mercy is a practice that transposes lives...the way we go about is all together steeped in a rare kindness...a bold gentleness that further transposes life...even though as individuals we lack this transposed life in fullness...because this life is Ours...

Ours...the all inclusive ever illusive dance of unity that makes life the miracle that we cherish with honor...Our love is greater because love multiplies our life...when we remember and remind each other that Our means we are All human...All Love Uniquely...Remember this truth is not what is taught by all...for we have bought and sold one another...being possessed and possessing hate for too long ...refusing to address the godless forsaking practices of less than human "thought"... this is where our face to face gets Real and Heals...history wrought with hate...perpetuated for the sake of hell on earth...this plague must end because the voices of Our will never be silenced just Blessed...left alone loving... to look and think of Ourselves as less than fully and magnificently human is our divide and decimation...Our is a Truth that will not be denied...Face to face Our Love comes to all...to make a choice and to educate, to change and to surrender our violence for Peace...to share the portion of Our Transposed Life...

Our Portion is One perpetually exposing Divine Love eternally in each moment...our transposed life is full of Understanding and Wisdom...growing graces that strengthens our uniqueness...never hiding our faces...that keeps us sharing glories of The Spirit...reflecting majestically the holiness we profoundly contain... in mercy...Knowledge that unifies and defies hatred...with a pure love that transposes lives...this Inking is called "Transposed", each color sharing and blending like a secret glory being revealed with large portions of Gifts exposed...Gifts of Counsel and Might, A Gift of Knowledge and Wisdom...The Light of Understanding that leads us All...for "we see only in part...but we will be Fully Known..."

"Transposed" Inking


"May Life be transposing,

Fearlessly exposing,

Transformative Presence,

Ours beholding,

Ever so gracefully,

Unfolding Majestically..."


~Mandy L. Gero, Abiding Perspectives 


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