Messengers of Blessing

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Messengers of Blessing
Welcome to this New Year, beloved...let us breath deeper, together...
Let us begin with an Invitation
To Honor,
To Celebrate,
To Accept,
To Know,
To Share...
Let me explain, briefly this invitation...Newness begins within and all around us each moment. We share immense and simple moments with and without understanding, let's start to Understand.  Understand that we are messengers of blessing, not just the happy frilly kinds but the ones that climb mountains from the deepest valleys.  Pain is as real as Joy in our humanity...we share a greater love in seeing our journey with honor. We have a right to Celebrate Life in all of it's chaos and beauty.  We Accept our Life instead denying our existence together.  We Know more because we pause and listen to receive one another's unique loveliness...we lean into one another...together.  We Share because control is a deceiving illusion that wrecks lives and our Earth.
We are Messengers of Blessing!
We begin with Our Abiding Perspective,
The Unique Loveliness that makes you,
Fashions a world of blessings,
Because you are Blessed!
I will be blogging to share this year with you...sharing newness practices and blessings as we embrace Our Life, contemplating, creating, leaning, learning, praying, sharing, and teaching.......the layout will always include a blessing at the end that we can share.  My prayer is that you will always be encouraged to Be You!
Our Newness Practice..."Accept a Challenge, Be a Blessing"
Accepting one another without judgement and expectations is a challenge that we must practice with greater intensity throughout our daily life...we can begin by quieting our mind when encountering each other, deepening our Knowing...
Being a Blessing with our presence takes ourselves on a deeper path of wholeness, show yourself some grace and see our presence transform...we can begin by accepting mercy for ourselves, deepening our Sharing...
May we practice newness together each day...
Our Blessing
"May you arise to this new time,
Open to challenges and blessings,
Surrendering cruelties and bitterness,
For you are Love,
May you walk together this year,
Leaning into new mercies and smiles,
Offering tears and laughter,
For you are Joy,
May you be you,
In glorious graces,
Blessing whole heartedly,
For you are Peace,
Amidst this Abiding..."
Celebrating you,
Mandy L. Gero


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