MERCY, What A Word This June!

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Sharing Mercy Is Our Word

This Month

Mercy...A Newness Practice of Renewal


June is a month of Spring or Autumn depending on which hemisphere you reside as we gather around the world sharing our Word this month...Mercy!  Mercy is so beautiful and is also one the most denied gifts we share in our humanity.  Mercy the wave that washes away the blindness from our eyes giving way to understanding...the heavenly kind of understanding, that in doing baffles our reasoning and defines our being. Mercy is the Smile of godliness in our midst...can you imagine this Gift within every smile...on each face, in the world so blessed by our humanity...?  

Mercy Is & Always Can Be

Mercy is present whether we choose to practice this newness or not. Whether we choose to share or care for one another, Mercy Is.  In every season of this earth and our souls, Mercy Is the rains to thirsting roots for growth to come and the romance of fires kindled within warming our hearts yet again...Mercy Renews. The ways of Mercy are practiced and come as a surprise to the lives of those who bare this joyful gift.  When we begin to see Mercy is working... is when we just abide not just in the practice of this gift... but we begin anew to see this gift as one that is always being...

Being Mercy is a Blessing to the World, you're the gift and the blessing to many more than you may ever be able to imagine...we make our presence a communion of joy when Mercy Is present in our space...those places where we hold the density of shock and the terror of grief...those places when we hold each other in the joys of celebrations and the honor of our dignity...the essence of mercy drenches these spaces like the sun blazing light of our faces as we dwell in the heaviness and mundane graces of our life together.  Mercy always can be our laughter as we are sharing the frailties of our humanity and the tears that restore the scars of violent ways to peace...mercy is...always...ours.

May We Always Be Mercy

~Mandy L. Gero, Abiding Perspectives



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