Kindness Kindles Dignity

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"Away" Inking
Kindness kindles dignity in our humanity...when we ponder the depths of being on this earth...together...Kindness seems to keep us turning to each other instead of running away.  Kind people have a way of transforming communities...when we reflect on this presence within each one of us an incredible grace floods this earth with glories...that transforming bitterness into peace kind of glories...
I have the joy and honor to be with many communities of people that gather around this world...each one unique and quite so many ways these communities sustain generous love on this earth.  Let us ponder a moment in gratitude the communities that we dwell in throughout our life...kind eyes serve our memories of these people and give us the courage to rejoice and forgive...for we know our greatest lessons are learned during some of the most intense trials of community life...Kindness is a catalyst to change wherever we wander to or from in this life...may we have the honesty of heart to be well and kind with ourselves and to each other...taking away the grudges and hatred that plague us.
Kindness is a newness practice for each of us as we walk our days in communing in this Life...there is a goodness that permeates hospitable communities...I pause to explain that hospitality is a holy openness to all people, without judgement or preconceived  hatred...there is a disturbing reality that perpetuates violence among us when groups form and commit to a solidarity of hatred in all forms and fashions...may kindness kindle the return of dignity amidst these groups as this is far from heights of our own capability to love and learn...may you have the courage to walk away...when communities become exclusive...dignity diminishes and kindness is forgotten for the whole world...minimizing our actions only magnifies the perpetuation of our violence and of our peace...magnify your peace that violence passes away...we share more than we dare to behold in this life...
May we Behold the slipping away of violence each day as our peace is magnified...may we find our left hand kindly abiding in the hand of another while our right hand does justly to live in greater Love serving and healing another...their is an aching in all the earth for us to know that we held in dignity, transforming moment by moment...from glory to are loved...May kindness kindle your spirit each day in every way as all of heaven and earth are made new by the goodness of you!
In The Light of Peace,
Mandy L. Gero, Abiding Perspectives


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