Kindness Begins Within

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Kindness Begins Within
An inheritance is something some save to give to another upon their death, an inheritance is also what is received by someone from another who has been this way an inheritance conjured up a material gain of sorts as the decision of another was made to give.  Though the gifts we carry within can never be measured by such means as material and possession...we don't really own our inheritance in either way we perceive this exchange...the receiver may be surprised but the giver had a plan and fulfilled this gift.  We do this each day when our plan can see the other who needs our kindness because we are aware that this treasure is not ours to just consume.  I share this story and Inking today to serve as a reminder of the amazing wonders we inherit each day from the death of our violence within ourselves. When we are kind to ourselves selflessness washes away the hardness that keeps us from giving to others our kindness...
When we ponder deeper the exchanges of our life, miracles have a way of breaking through many lives...sharing a kind word with a stranger may be all that was needed to keep their life from ending...or give them hope in the goodness of humanity...we begin this practice within long before we ourselves a kind word and hope that we carry such a goodness worthy of sharing...our life makes an impact with our every heartbeat as we listen...
I created this Inking while pondering how the most heavenly kindness brought me to a full turnaround in my life, while submerged in a community who was grieved by loss and desperate for a change to this world.  They wanted the hope that dwelled in the eyes of their son who died just a week after honoring the year anniversary of their father's passing...both of their lives were full of goodness and also taken by the violence of another.  Their grief raged on for some time but never once did their kindness fade into the abyss...their kindness held space so tangible that it transformed each person who held bitterness in their midst.  I now explain this example as way to express the repentance that comes by way of kindness for many who walk the way of Christ, this is deeply rich in transformation and grace and a powerful witness to many sacred words found in our religious traditions...though this life offers us a time to experience heavenly blessings and exchanges, we seldom share the ones that speak to Goodness within us. This family was like visiting the Heavens when even their grief could dispose of their inheritance, they just kept giving and receiving throughout their days...can we testify to the same?
My turnaround during that time was steeped in Mercy...the people around me in those times opened my eyes and heart to a world so full of goodness dwelling within every person and fueled the strength needed to forge a path of newness in expressions that touch the depths of our lives in the colors that explain the Beauty of Divine Love within us...amidst all of us is Beauty veiled at times to be unleashed upon the ashes of grief transforming our violence by absolute kindness...when you gaze upon this inking may you be blessed and dare to share the goodness of our lives, may you receive this inheritance as you simultaneously give you're inheritance...
In Kindness,
Mandy L. Gero, Abiding Perspectives
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