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Honor Is Rooted in Trust...

This month has brought Abiding Perspectives to a Pause, as an artist and author there is so much more to come forth but for now there is a great sigh and ache in my heart to share the changes that are taking place...My prayer is that in sharing you will never have to endure the same hardship.  I have learned over years of walking in faith that growth comes best in times of pausing which are only rooting the practice of Trust much deeper.  I am blessed to have forgiveness within these groups of people who have frauded Abiding Perspectives, thus draining all savings and leaving me in financial ruins...which I pray come to a merciful end...I have chosen to Honor this time by sharing in the Healing & Hope, Honor & Grace...may our practices Be Newness!

Join me in Blessing those who brought such destruction, By Turning This Grief to Joy...The Inkings that I thought were sold to a Store in Finland are all from The Collections, A Heart Exposed, Healing Grace For Humanity's Plight & Wellness!

Enjoy Beloved!

May We Share In Healing Grace As You Gaze Into Each Inking That Was Targeted In This Fraud...May Wellness Grow Within Each of Us...Renewing Life


"Blood Runs"



"A Heart Exposed"

"Elder Song"

"Her Love"

"Joyous Child"


May Each Inking Give Life, May each Word They Are Given Heal Your Wounds Deeply, And May You Remember and Know More and More Each Day That You Are Loved, Just Being You!

Please Share these messages so we all heal more, check back on this blog and follow Abiding Perspectives on FB, Twitter & Instagram...Until Next Time...Be Peace!

Blessings Joyous Ones,

~Mandy L Gero, Abiding Perspectives




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