Graces Gathered As We Forgive

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Graces Gathered As We...


This newness practice becomes a state of resurrection when we just forgive.

Is forgiveness this new for you each day?  Some questions only lead to answers that seem to continue to challenge or ultimately pose a deeper question.  Questions are how Abiding Perspectives was created and remains sustained, answers have brought forth much of the art that is seen and created...all out of the gathered graces that have risen from the newness practice of forgiveness.  Forgiving those who have wronged us in some way or "word" seems only a beginning to this newness...for there are much deeper weed beds to uproot when our heart is touched by grace.  Gardening is easier with grace as is forgiveness for those who dare to practice it.  Perhaps the more daring we are to practice forgiveness might just gather enough graces to transform our lives...only we ca choose to be so daring.

"Gathered" The Inking

"A place of harmony and uncertainty,

A reality beyond our imagery,

The time we forgave,

The moment we ended blame,

Our miracle gave,

Our graces gathered,

Upon one heart,

Open now to revive the earth..."

~Mandy L Gero, Abiding Perspectives




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