Grace! What A Newness, This September's Gifts & Glories...

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Thank you for sharing in our Newness this Month of September...GRACE!!!!

Last month we cherished honor and endured a crushing blow to my life and this offering of Abiding this time of refining continues more challenges have been accepted and it has come time to share Grace this month! Thank you for your support and encouragement...keep it coming!!!

I have some good news to share as we thankfully journey onward!  

Grace is Good News!  Abiding Perspectives will continue sharing with short blogs each day this month as a gift of inspiration...and all online sales are Paused for the time being.  There is much joy in sharing a Word as a Gift, so each day this month we open a gift and share some glories this Life has to offer us...Enjoy the Journey!


"Show Yourself Some Grace!"

These are my favorite words and utter blessing of wisdom to friends and those who I have the honor to share time with...including the woman who accidently dumped her cart on me today!  When I said, "No worries, show yourself some grace...she paused and smiled, stopped apologizing and we laughed together in the check out line...We all need that grace and good word or kind glance.  

This phrase comes like a command sometimes when I am tearing myself apart for mistakes and failures...ever been there?  We all have as each of us can be our own worst enemy of sorts...this needs to end in a consumption of utterly transformational Grace.  Grace transforms our inner violence to peace and seems to permeate our interactions with one another.

Show Yourself Some Grace is also a spoken Blessing...everyone needs the gift of grace...this glory shares the immensity of kindness in a joyful way!  Blessings are often disguised in our minds when we are patient or generous with our words...grace is lovely in our minds to heal the wounds that we have we share Grace in our thoughts and words!


How Will You Show Yourself Grace Today...? Each Day...?


Looking Forward to Our Journey Onward, Share Your Comments & Grace!!!!

Many Blessings,

Mandy L. Gero, Abiding Perspectives

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