Gentleness Like Waves

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Gentle Waves Inside & Out

Greetings from the gentleness of a sunrise to the depths of your soul...This Month's Newness Practice has become an opening to some refreshing these days...we are in this midst of summer where I reside and this means the weather comes in waves, like the way our life and breath move throughout.  Throughout, a word that has continuity and balance...Gentleness is a throughout practice.  Any choice made gently or even a word spoken gently has a way of continuing throughout gracefully. Like our breathing in waves so to is our gentleness shared in Spirit and Truth.  Throughout times of peace in our daily life there remains a wave gentleness flooding our lives with graces we can only imagine.  Stormy times seem to befall us throughout our lives...with or without notice this may seem to be the wave we perceive in life...but there is that wave of gentleness that we can carry on with as we live our newness each day.  

Words, Thoughts, & Inspiration

Amidst all of our daily lives there is a ground and soaring sense within our thoughts and words...some a catalyst of inspiration, some a desperate form of isolation, some harmful like a storm and yet some calm in the utmost gentleness...we dwell amidst this hovering of wisdom entrenched by understanding as we long to know the waves of this we ponder gentleness in thought, our inner violence is stilled, waves of mercy and grace bring peace to our thoughts...thoughts of another as oneself...take a moment and ride this Wave...

Words spoken have a way of making waves of gentle care or harsh violent atrocities...words pick up those who have pummeling waves of thought or these words perpetuate this violence within... Gentleness as a practice in our words or the wave guiding the currents of our words is wisdom.  We have an amazing way to calm storms by our voice and inspire...moving mountains by encouragement happen so gently, yet they abide in our life mightily. Words were never meant to be weapons nor were trees, stones, or steel...if we can create such weapons in our brilliance and defiance of peace than we can be assured that we are capable of much greater Gifts of Peace.  Let us create waves of Peace over the violence throughout our lives...beginning with the gentleness of words...the current shifts within each of us. Be An Inspiration...

Inspire Spirit & Truth

Gentleness Helps us Be An Inspiration...The Inking I chose to share today was inspired by prayers for wisdom to consume us and mercy to flood our lives in waves that refresh us in Spirit & Truth...the name of this Inking is what we are born of and abide within, we are more than our thoughts and words...we are spirit and truth...abiding in this gentleness is surprisingly refreshing...if we find a grace to share with one another, this grace remains a profound reminder that we are embodying wisdom as we live.  Alive to share a word of compassion inspired by the truth of mercy in our thoughts...Be You, More...

Let us conclude with a brief story...

 " I was driving with a friend and their children, as we know siblings have a way of flinging words around like grace and stones to one as the tensions arise within, they flooded this vehicle, one child screaming and kicking, voicing an injustice while the other is breaking out into tears...parents holding the tide with firm words to end the storms deluging all of us, when my name is screamed and both feet of this child crashed the back of my seat, arms flung with fists directed toward me...this all to familiar for many of us...we all have a choice to respond or react in an instance but what we choose and do makes the story...My response was to turn abruptly around and look into this child's eyes, firmly saying their name and stating firmly, "You Are Smarter Than This,

You Are Smarter than This and You can choose to stop,

Because you are smarter than this..."

Let Us Gently Speak,

Let Us Gently Think,

Let Us Gently Inspire...

~Mandy L Gero, Abiding Perspectives

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