Forgiveness: November's Newness Practice

Forgiveness Our Newness Practice

Who was the last person you Forgave?  When was the last time you felt Forgiven?

How do We Practice Forgiveness as a Newness This Month...

Answering these two questions is a beginning and a great practice if forgiveness is not our practice or focus...or remains our practice with relentlessness!  Forgiveness is a powerful tool to transform relationships...some of our deepest wounds are put to rest in a bed of unforgiveness...that bed of unforgiveness is the reason for writing this blog today.  I love the garden beds that dwell in our hearts where so much goodness comes to rest and grow.  Forgiveness is a tender place of understanding that helps the garden of love to grow...tilling up that bed of unforgiven moments brings this practice a sweet newness that pays fruitful ends as we begin to share forgiveness more... face to face... in our here and now...we need to grow with this light of understanding.


Life Brings Us Plenty 

 There are times we come to understanding in the light of what life brings to us, their are plenty of joys that bare the weight of betrayals...these joys are found growing out of our Forgiveness...and the plenty of hardships in our life reap such graces...a growing that our humanity is solely the stewards of in our lives.  This practice of forgiveness is ours to refresh and restore the violence that we so perpetuate in both our thoughts and actions...we reign in the kindness that perseveres such understanding bringing new growth...the tenderness we desire that only comes in our humanity...Let us find our solidarity here, in Understanding Forgiveness while we keep practicing newness...


The Inking Featured this Month is "Understanding"...May You Be Blessed!


Many Blessings,

Mandy L. Gero, Abiding Perspectives

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