"Expressing These Holy Days~Our Sacred Journey"

Posted by Mandy L. Gero on

Miracles have brought us to this day,
Jesus Fed All People
How Do We Feed...
"The Feeding" 
The Table was prepared to share this day,
Jesus Served All People
How Do We Serve...
The Garden receives our blood and fears each hour,
Jesus Bled Tears For All Agony
How Do We Comfort...
"The Agonizing Prayer"
The Heart pierced released life that moment,
Jesus Died As All 
As All How Do We...
"The Crucified Heart of Christ"
A Garden Tomb is the space that holds,
Jesus Rested
Will We Wait...
"At The Tomb"
All the heavens and the earth rejoiced,
Jesus Walked The Garden in Resurrection Life,
How Will We Rejoice...
How Will We Celebrate Life...
Let Us Ponder, Let Us Celebrate Life, Let Us Bless Our Stay these Holy Days!
Many Blessings Be Yours,
Mandy L. Gero, Abiding Perspectives
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