Exploring Reverence in Praise!

Posted by Mandy L. Gero on

Greetings Beautiful One,
Reverence is a worthy exploration in our daily life...how do we practice this newness...let us consider, Praise...
Praise is another depth that one must attempt to express in the midst of the chaos of life...as reverence opens our eyes and heals the blindness around us, praise opens closed ears and brings listening forth in our midst...pondering and living within these two seamlessly awaken our humanity.  We know that plants and people exposed to praise flourish even in the midst of troubling times, though reverence is the way we touch another's life...both are the grace enveloping our time.
"Praise", is the name of this Inking featured in today's blog...Bright magenta hues beholding as compassion and mercy comfort deeply upon the seeds and blooms of orangey wisdoms illuminating blues of  new strengths...a butterflies' majestically reverent flight...is how the joy of praise heals and sovereignly feels when given unto the Creator of All...praise is a pathway in our garden where stones must be moved for our heart needs room for the immensity of expression...more than any explanation can merely give is the praise that comes from our heart...
...now imagine the song that arises from within everyone whom walks this earth and inhabits the Heavens...every creature and all of this creation that adorns our path, here on earth...singing their song of praise...this is where reverence is defining our space...the space where a kind word brings mercy, a spoken praise quells the strife from our midst, the word sung to begin a song amid strangers, the power of voices entwined offering praise, the solemnity of silence and tears at the grave of our friend, the elusive wind of laughter that overtakes our spirit, the flowers that respond to rain, our humanity smiling amidst the pain, the time when our compassion healed and renewed...our beautiful space...our face.
Reverence is the nudge and touch deep within in us that arises to healing...deep within arises the love that changes our path to praise...to peace...to love one another more each day...to see with our openness and hear with gentleness...to listen for we are all worthy of being known...to speak a word of praise that reroutes the violence in our minds reveals the peace that we so carelessly disguise...this makes our lives reverberate like the fragrance of lilies magnificently comes forth blessing the earth...we are blessed and ever beautiful...a praise upon the Breath of God...
"May we continue to be new,
Casting praise around our life,
That those around may resound,
With a new song and sight,
Listening and learning from the Best,
Blessed and held in rest,
For our reverence is never in jest..."
Many Blessings Be Yours,


  • I’d love a scarf if this print!! I am so blessed to have met you in Easton.

    Chris Payne on

  • Beautiful and Powerful…

    David R. Reed on

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