Discovering New Mercies!

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"New Mercies" Inking

Mercy Lives Within

Welcoming and Reminding are keys to refreshing relationships when Mercy is the nature and origin from within us.  Our everyday life is full mercies that came from within us overflowing to this world around the sun granting the depressed a day of reprieve and rain that puddles to bathe birds that are thinning feathers for flight.  Our face has a way of shining like that sun and bathing like the rains pooling around each of us...even when we are not practicing mercy, Mercy is present in our life in ways we see and many that remain a mystery to be discovered. May we welcome and remember Mercy as we discover the more each day of our life.

Tenderness Guides Discovery

All of Creation, that includes us, for we are living on this earth...tends to reveal a gentleness in our breath like the winds upon grasses and grains of sand...our winds in each land...Like our lives accompanying one another despite the seasonal changes and wearying storms.  Mercy ignites tenderness in our humanity.  Tenderness is by no means a form of weakness just a rather intimate beauty that we behold within and share ever so gratuitously.  This graciousness that begins within can be refreshed in another by amazing the powerful mercy that our eyes adorn and ever sadly still scorn one another...tenderness has the way to bring an end to this violence within us by transforming Mercy...that tender thought guiding our mind...the tender word spoken that unfurled the brow of another or our own when Mercy is renewed.  When we discover anew that tenderness has always been our way...Mercy is restored to all of Creation.  Gentleness attributes...tenderness our lives being transformed abundantly by Mercy...we long to practice this newness...

New Mercies

"New Mercies', is an inking that dwells in the Wellness Collection that I created to share Goodness...the more I meet people in my life and the mirror within in me has cleared...there is amazing goodness within each one I meet.  Some attribute this mirror clearing to that of work when in reality this clearing is revealing our truest being...gloriously...New Mercies flood our lives when we see wellness and become a well of Mercy for each other.  As you see the colors of green and blue tenderly embracing warm magenta flows of golden yellow lights bubbling graciously with gratitude...

"May Tenderness ignite harmoniously in our life...May we practice mercy anew as our vision is restored...May we remember to welcome one another in every transforming glance...Reflecting glories in our discoveries..."

Mandy L. Gero, Abiding Perspectives
Practice Mercy This Month!


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