Contentment Released

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"Greetings Friends"

How we greet one another is a way we live...ponder the way you greet anyone at given this familiar to many or in some uncanny way? 

The reason I write today about greetings is because my own comes from a deeper existence of contentment within me..."Greetings" to me is an invitation and slightly more interesting because I have a profound love of words and for sharing presence. "Hello", has its place in every language as a greeting and becomes a direction or state when shortened in English..."Hi"...

In many conversations and places, greetings are shared in a glance or a stance.  All of these carry a note of respect, for oneself as well as others...respect and contentment bare arms for one another like soldiers during war time.  If we are to encounter one another without respect, we are not content...the reverse is true as well.  When we call to mind where our intention and attention collide, a surprise takes place...we gain an insight, a bit of inspiration and a knowing...the space where dignity diligently resides.  

This is a serious pondering when the we live in a such times of immense violence and shared grief...are we practicing contentment...are we I residing in the dignity of those who share this Earth?

Through creatives practices, I find myself residing and encouraged by many others.  When I write and create, there is never a sense of loneliness because sharing is strength to behold.  Creativity and contentment waltz in the dance of our lives, awakening our senses from anxious toil and drudgery in the day to day.  The dance of life is a continuation of Mercy in our soul, the love note that graces our spaces...because we see face to face.  Our voice and body language can create or destroy more than space. They can open with greeting and bless a multitude or they can condemn and disgrace.  Where is your treasure?

We are quite a treasure and utterly magnificent in our voice and being...that's our beginning...where did we decide the end?  We decided the end when we stopped being content...content being human and profound, spiritually blessed beings, deeply soulful individuals greeting one another...loving one another...being.  There is a need for this lost treasure to be discovered and shared within and among all of be honored.

"Will you find where your treasure lies?"

As Christians this is our heart and a profound understanding of The Living Presence of Christ...the One Who Was, the One Who Is, The One Who Is to Come...let us be One.

One Who...Continues...



Who is content to Love...

Who Is Lovely!


May you find yourself magnificent this day and continue practicing contentment in treasured ways together, Dear Ones...Many blessings to you as we find More...


Celebrate Life,

Mandy L Gero

"Released" Inking



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