Changes Bring Peace

Changes Bring Peace

Peace is not the first "feeling" we get when changes happen, or so we believe...this month has brought forth so many changes and peace is the Focus...let's begin with the weather because in a conversation weather is an easy starter and general go to in conversations.  In this region of Pennsylvania, the weather for October has been a turn of each season...Hurricane Summer rains and humidity, Spring Sunshine and warm night times, Brisk Winds of Autumn and Flurries of Snowy Winter...all served and continue to remind us of Peace in Changes.  This pattern also fit the immense health and work changes that are coming forth this month in many lives...spoken with gratitude because of the Peace this brings to more than my life...when we pause or even casually recognize the Peace that resounds within and among us...Change is transformed from anxiousness to a newness.  Perhaps changes are just the catalyst or invitation, the excuse and the transition of the Presence of Peace...

Resounding Peace

This Inking was created when my studio focus was on Wellness, which I was not experiencing personally during those hours...Wellness was my desire to communicate through prayers and this inking, what was given as a Blessing (an utter surprise to me) was Resounding Peace...thus the Name and a Greater Mystery...How we feel unwell and anxious then this light of Peace comes amidst tears from deep within yet so immensely unifying while simultaneously growing wellness through and around our humanity...Marvelous, this Peace that passes our understanding calmly creating and restoring us, gently...Peace Changes Life.

"May peace change us,

As changes bring peace,

May wellness guide us,

While our light grows,

Without excuse or misconception,

May Peace Resound."

~Mandy L. Gero, Abiding Perspectives


"My peace I give you, My peace I leave with you..." ~Jesus


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