Celebrate Life!

Posted by Mandy L. Gero on

Spirit Song
Greetings and Grace!
Today is 40 years of grace filled days of mountains and valleys, for this a journey...our life.
Our song comes like years that fly by and lingers as to arise...can you feel this in your heart... in your spirit...I can...
My song is full of sorrows and joys, heartbreaks and healings, devastations and restorations, desperation and mercy...my dance is now wild beautiful and free.  There is freedom in our life when we are liberated from shame and self doubt, manipulation and abuse; free from our inner violence. Our thoughts and actions find more peace each day we are given the honor to live and share, though we must engage this journey with great mercy or we fail to know our song and find chaos instead of the Dance.
Will we Sing...
Will we Dance...
Will We Live in Peace...
When We Share,
When We Celebrate Life!
Thank you for sharing this life with me!  As we journey and keep enduring mercifully our days, we abide in Love and Create Newness in our ways...let us honor one another boldly!
This is me, beautifully Unrestrained, Smiling!
My Prayer is you will always be you, Unrestrained & Smiling!
Bless you, Sacred Ones!
In Loving Mercy,


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