A Way of Contentment

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Greetings Gracious One,


How is our Way of Contentment going forth? This month of beginnings has a way of drawing us to resolve, discover, begin and remind all of us of who we may be at this time.  

Let us ponder Contentment as we abide and await our newness to shine...

"May we resolve to remain instead of remembering what was never,

May contentment hold our heart steadier to discover our more,

May we begin abiding in love because we still need some,

May we remind one another that comparison is a plague,

violence is a brutal choice that destroys every place,

apathy is devastation like arrogance is suffocating,

we remind because we remember that we are not this way...

We are a garden content to grow and let go,

to embrace seasons, 

the constancy of Love without reason,

the mercy that heals nations,

the prophetic thought that continues,

the beauty of the Earth's clay,

To the glory of Divine Love,

We are Our Path of Peace,

The Gracious One among Grace,

the surprise of transformation,

the smile of healing,

the touch of tenderness,

the step of wisdom,

A glance beholding life,

Let us be the response each day in every way,

Of Who we are..."

~ Mandy L Gero


I wrote this during a time of deep gratitude this week for the opening of so many opportunities to share and grow while being utterly torn apart in the depths of a personal struggle...contentment arose as part of the strength to see with clarity that forgiveness heals wounds deeper than our body groans...trust lets anger go forever and we all have a way of being that reminds each other to be kinder...not just because we are kindred but because we are clay...easily moving and inspiring or tragically torn apart and marred...we can make a mess and a masterpiece within the shelter of contentment...never leaving this shelter is gift of Wisdom and Strength...that opens February's door courageously wide!


My prayer that you will continue to this journey within me and practice your Newness each day...Be Content and Inspiring!





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