A Life of Celebration~Communion in Our Garden

A Life Celebrating is more than just being and enduring,

Life is Communion...sharing the newness of our humanity gracefully each day in every way, forgiving and flourishing, honoring and reminding, blessing and restoring...

This Inking along with the writing dwell in The Garden Collection...May we ponder these holy days, our Life...Abiding in Communion...Rejoicing in Our Garden...


"A Celebration of Life,

The Blood that ends all strife,

Meet Waters of Pure Delight,

Enfolding the Forgiven,

Is Christ's Sacred Love,

Flourishing Faithfully,

This Joyous Song,

Embracing Us Always,

Our Salvation Remains,

Our Communion Sustains,

The Graces that We Contain!"

~Mandy L. Gero, Abiding Perspectives

"Communion" Inking

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